LD Sharma on Corona Help - HP Covid - 19 Solidarity Response Fund

Message to Himachal People in Corona Virus and Help to Himachal Pradesh CM - HP Corona-19 Solidarity Response Fund

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We are Charity, Our Mission to protect people, pets, and the planet,
Our activities are taken around the world.


Child Welfare

“It’s the time to raise each case, as school should be there only workplace."


Empowering Disabled

“Empowering Disabled - Let us not put them to wait, who can’t stand straight."


Elder Care

“Elder Care - It is time to care for those, who did not let us loose."


Environmental Awareness

“Environmental Awareness - Mother nature should not be ignored, because it is the only source.”


Women Empowerment

“Women Empowerment - When women enlightens up our lives then, why can’t they have all the rights.”


Inspiring Society

“Let us give a good band, as it is the only thing that will stand.”


Sports Initiatives

“Sports Initiatives - A healthy body is a place for a healthy mind”


Farming Practices

“Farming Practices - Let us grow a seed today, so that we can have fruits tomorrow.”



“Health should not be neglected because at the end only you will be affected.”

Urgent Cause

You can help lots of people by donating little.

About Aananayaa's Foundation

Together we can make a difference

You might have heard that “charity begins at home.” When we started this organization we started on a very small level and we never thought that we would reach this stage today where we would have received about $150 million in cash and many products in the grant. Our signature programs have been also useful so far. But with the help of all our loved ones and with the help of the trust and faith that they have shown in us, we have finally reached a global level now. But as our level has reached higher, similarly our responsibilities have also become more. And yes we are all set and ready to take up more responsibilities but this is only possible if people show us the same love and trust in us.

We know the value of money and we value every single penny that you are giving to us. We try our best to make the best use of money. Our main aim is to spend the money on the children because the children are the future. Spending on them means we are securing our future. All children have the right to education and we are providing these rights to the children who did not have access to education because of financial constraints. Apart from this, we are also working with the motive to provide Welfare to the children, empowering the disabled, Elder Care, Environmental Awareness, Women Empowerment, Inspiring the Society, etc.

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Our Mission to protect people


Supporting Good Cause

Whatever you are giving to us we assure you that it will be supporting for the good cause only. Just show your trust and faith in us as you have always shown and trust us, good deeds will come to you.


Most Trusted One

This NGO is the most trusted one as you will yourself see from our work and efforts that all that you are giving us is on the right track and your money is being utilized in the best possible manner.


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